New Neighbors

I have two new sets of neighbors. One set is human, moved in today, and has a small noisy male child. None of those adjectives give me any joy. Not the nouns either. The other family is noisy too but more interesting. The pictures below are of the second family and they live about 2 yards from my back deck.

In this picture you have the chicks sleeping.

Here they've awakened due to my jostling their tree and obviously have food on their mind. Look at those huge mouths!

...and this one is a close up of just one fellow. At least Mom has an easy target to hit with those worms!

Now I know why birds have feathers. They're just so darn ugly without them they have no chance at reproduction without some covering! People might be in the same boat.


Utopia said…
You're so very clever and sensitive! Wait a minute.....sensitive?
utenzi said…
Apparently you missed the comment about the kid, Utopia. Unless you're referring to my sensitivity to all that goddamn noise little boys make! Damn kids.

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