Myers-Briggs typological personality test

As I've mentioned before, I love to take tests. So when G at Library Bitch mentioned a link to a free (I love that word free) M-B type test I jumped at the chance. Here's the location. It's a series of 72 questions and your personality type pops out as soon as you submit the answeres. My results were:

My Type is INTJ (Introverted 89, Intuitive 75, Thinking 50, Judging 33).

By all means, share with us what you are too!


Utopia said…
Me! I'm an INFP; introverted 78, intuitive 38, feeling 38, perceptive 11
mal said…
Utenzi, I went thru the profile in Grad School INTJ also. Different dominances though... If you want some really DRY reading, "Gifts" by M&B is really good. Despite its dryness, the concepts presented are enlightening

Thanks for stopping by my blog. And yup, us Minneapolis types are a bit snooty *L*
I'm an ISFP -
Introverted 78, Sensing 38, Feeling 38, Perceiving 11
Diane Mandy said…
I'm obviusly in the ENFJ... is that bad?
utenzi said…
I bet you're the life of the party, Diane. I suspect bloggers in general tend to be introverts hiding behind computers so most of us would be "I" instead of "E". Having a few extroverts around is fun though. Nice to have you aboard, Diane.
Pearl said…
At Humanmetrics I'm INFJ, introverted 56 intuitive 50 feeling 25 judgemental 44.
Carmi said…
Ooh, cool! I took MBTI when I worked for Mother Corp. a few years back. Then I promptly forgot what I did with my results package after I quit the place. Darn.

Now I need not worry. Thanks!

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