I'm going to be in SC this weekend doing chores for my parents. My having a truck seems to get me invited places! And between hooking up electrical devices and hauling mulch I hope to get in some time on the lake in my kayak. Here's a few pictures from last winter, I hope to add some shots from the weekend in a few days.


Robin said…
utenzi said…
Thank you, Robin. That's very nice of you to say. I must admit I was thrilled by the conditions that week. Each night it got down to about zero and I'd go out on the kayak well before dawn so I could catch the mist rising off the water, which was warmer than the air, into the sky which was just starting to lighten with the sun barely below the horizon. It's rare that it gets that cold in SC and I was lucky I was there to take advantage of it. Of course everyone else thought I was crazy to be out in that cold for hours.
Jaws said…
Very nice pics there. Nice of ya to help out the parents aswell :o)
Lora said…
Beautiful photos! Don't work to hard.
utenzi said…
Thanks Lora and J. I can't see a picture of a moose without thinking of that old show, Northern Exposure. What an interesting cast and such odd scripts.
Great pictures! I really like the 3rd one down.

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