Human abuse

Who can resist a GIF that makes fun of using computers? I've never been driven quite this crazy by our silicon friends but there's been times...especially when gridding DNA microarrays that I felt like this.


No_Newz said…
That is too funny! I actually feel like that some days.
Lois Lane
Laura:) said…
that was totally awesome
That was perfectly grotesque. Love it!
utenzi said…
Thanks Lois, Laura & Stacey. I love the little bloody howl it does just before it gives up and bleeds out on the keyboard. It seems so primal!
I do too!
Hey, it's even funnier watching it while listening to dance/trance music on the headphones. Makes for a great combination!
Jaws said…
lmao... I like how the eye ball gets flung back and forth..LOLOL
Isheeta said…
That was too funny for words!!!
Heidi said…
Too funny..eyeballs and

ps..Thanx for stopping by.
Marie said…
Completely Gut Busting! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'll definitely be back at yours--
Crabbi said…
Delightfully sick!
Anonymous said…
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