A few pictures

Here's 3 pictures I took in June of '05. The first is a reptile buddy of mine. Then there's a scene of a waterfall in the rain. I'd rather it had been sunny, but unfortunately nature didn't consult me and half way through the hike the heavens opened up and I got SOAKED! The last picture I took while kayaking near sunset.


David, thanks for dropping by Quick Quack, where the party is on 7/24/365, and leaving a comment. Tell me what kind of camera are you using? I have a Nikkormat that is about 35 years old and it is my oldest and best friend. Nice job with the photos keep it up.
These are really beautiful pictures. It just makes me want to go to those places.
utenzi said…
Thanks, Jack and Gina. The camera I used in the shots on this site is an Olympus digital camera. The D-550 which is a 3 year old 3 MP model. It's gotten dunked twice while kayaking so it's amazing it still works. This last time it spazzed for 2 weeks before it returned from the 'dead camera' plane. Fortunately both dunkings were in fresh water so it just had to dry out internally.
Lora said…
I love the anole. I had pet anoles while in college, not I'm living in a place where they naturally habitate.
Beautiful photos! I especially like the one of the waterfall. It's absolutely magical. I can imagine lots of fantasy creatures running about hidden behind the trees and waterfall.
Utopia said…
Beautiful pictures! I'm especially partial to the anole (frankly, I call them all lizards and I appreciate 'lora' putting a name to in a previous comment).
utenzi said…
I agree, Utopia. Lora was awful nice to give that critter its proper name. But she tends to be nice--it's that INFJ thing. Well, maybe not the J part. (sorry, Lora) And thanks Stacey for the compliment. While at the time I took the picture I didn't like all the rain, later I decided that it really added to the affect.
I'm an ENTP and I think those pictures are beautiful!
Michelle said…
Dave that last picture, the colours are just incredible...it would go well here as a framed piece on my wall!
Robin said…
Oooh, that picture of the little guy on the leaf is fantastic!
queenofsass said…
What a great photographer you are. The lizard photo is awesome. You should have that blown up & framed.
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