Favorite Picture

I recently bought a USB enclosure for external hard drives. I got it so I could reprogram my ReplayTV hard drive since it's getting too many errors on it. Since I don't have enough room in my CPU box I needed the external--besides, I can buy a big HD now and use the external for backups and since my Dell is so old (over 4 years old now!) keeping everything backed up is important.

Anyway, to test the new enclosure I looked around and found an old HD that I'd used way back but wouldn't work with my current OS so it was just sitting on a bookcase gathering dust. I loaded it into the enclosure and it works! All 8 gigabytes of it! I told you it was old. But it had some pictures on it that had never gotten tranferred over and one of them was my favorite from my first digital camera. It was a 1.3 MP Olympus back when 3 MP was only found on professional cameras. It's a picture I took on the Outer Banks in NC, USA and it's just the shadow of my free hand looming near some seaweed.


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