Crawfish Boil

I have been invited to a 'crawfish boil' this weekend. Saturday at 6pm, to be exact. I've never been to one of these but it's being 'sponsored' by 3 lab folk (Chris, Rusty & Tach) who grew up in Louisiana and miss the food they grew up on. So Rusty and Tach are making a run out to Louisberg on Saturday to pick up a bunch of crawfish at a commercial breeding place and then scoot back to Chris' house where the party is located. I wish I could invite y'all but well, you know. ;-) I'm greedy!

The party is actually not going to be very far from where I live so that's nice too. The down side is that crawfish look a little too much like cockroaches for me to be totally comfortable with viewing them as food. Here's a picture, what do you think?


you've never eaten crawfish (aka crawdads)? They're good actually. Just ask somebody for instructions for how to rip their little heads off. It's not so bad.
utenzi said…
Thanks for the advice, Liz and that's a scary post on your site about the politics in PA education.
Michelle said…
Dave, thanks for visiting my blog :)

I can see how you can identify with roaches...ewwwwwwwww.

Here down under, we call them crayfish. They look the same shape as yours, but our are orange to a deep red color a little bigger. The meat is really sweet.
boils said…
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