Books, books, and more books

Here's the new Harry Potter book perched on top of one of my bookcases. It's in the company of other books I've received in the past few weeks and not read yet. I think I'll read the Evanovich first, after a library book I'm reading now (Deadline in Athens by Petros Markaris) but there's also the temptation to reread all the Potter books again before reading the most recent. It's pretty obvious from the media attention that a major character dies at the end of this book but I don't really care that much if the ending gets spoiled for me. I enjoy the journey more than the ending in the Potter books since plot is definitely not the defining characteristic of the series. Much as I enjoy the books, they're quite obviously written for kids and just happen to appeal to adults also. Another series of this nature that I liked was David Eddings' Belgariad series.


Lora said…
I was all excited that a new Harry Potter book was coming out too. But now that it's out and in my possesion I have a growing list of books I'm planning to read first. Plus I read slowly and, since I started blogging, in small bits. So I think they'll have the next movie out by the time I get to this one.
utenzi said…
I read pretty fast but I've been getting too many books at the library as well as going nuts on BAM and Amazon. And then there's the TV which with the addition of DVDs and my DVR (plus baseball) is a true enemy of reading. I'm lucky to read two books a week whereas I used to read at least 4. Obviously I have no kids!

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