Big Brother

Yes, Big Brother is intruding. Now they're making me check on the gender of the folk wandering about this blog. Damn 'they'! They are just too curious. But maybe having those extra answers will screw up their calculations. ;-)

I love polls. And gimmicky things are fun too. So don't be surprised to see more polls on the edges of this blog. I might fiddle around with their color a bit though. I wanted this first one to stand out--and it does!

Speaking of fiddling--I'm going to change the format of this site. I've been looking around to get ideas and checking on dHTML and CSS tricks. I hope to redesign the site by the weekend. This week at work is going to be nasty. That 'publish or perish' situation is getting my boss' attention lately and I'll be assisting on a number of LCMs (laser capture microdissections) and confirming the resulting data with RT-PCRs (real time polymerase chain reactions). As a result my tissue culture project in which I test drugs on breast cancer cells is being temporarily put on hold. I'll still be growing and subdividing the cells but that doesn't take much time--nor does adding drugs for that matter but the cell counts take a Hell of a lot of time since I don't have direct access to a Coulter Counter and have to do them by hand, so to speak, with a hemocytometer. Anyway... sometime this week I expect to do a format change here!


Diane Mandy said…
Who's Big Brother? Just curious.
utenzi said…
That's the phrase used in Orwell's 1984 to designate the government, a totalitarian entity that tried to control every aspect of people's lives and thoughts. Of course I was kidding, it was me that wanted the poll here. Me, me, me!
Jaws said…
Do what to who for how many chickens?!
utenzi said…
For you, Jaws, I'll do it all for just one chicken. Even a scrawny one! An aside: my next door neighbor got a bunch of chickens about 6 months ago. Several varieties of them. Interesting birds... I'll have to put a picture of them up. I've never lived this close to chickens before.
queenofsass said…
I think you were writing in English, but it got lost somewhere in the man-speak.
I love the little poll things too. I like doing quizzes and everything else. Surveys too sometimes.
Miss_Vicki said…
I thought this was about the TV show, I'm addicted to that freaking show :op
Lora said…
How long have you had the age poll up there? I never noticed either one. I love stats too.

I'm eager to see the changes you make to your blog.

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