An end to my procrastinating about my ancient computer has finally occured. It's 5 years old and has had many hard drive crashes and I was thinking of buying a new one. Instead, on Monday I installed a new 120GB HD so that I could transfer enough files to I could defrag the old drive. It's been so full that I haven't been able to defragment it for nearly 2 years! I hope this will stop the crashes, if not then I'll reinstall the OS. Progress!

Speaking of progress, I installed on Wednesday a wireless network for my computer and digital video recorders. It works though I wasn't able to use the wizard due to the inability of the software to include my DVRs in the automated setup. Since the main reason for the network was to allow downloading of menus and programing to the DVRs I manually installed the network. It does work but I suspect I did a few things wrong. Oops. I am quite amazed at how easy it was to create the network--I know it used to be a complex nightmare. Computers are so much easier to use than they used to be. :-)

Now I'll have to find something new to procrastinate about....


NecroDancer said…
I just bought a new computer and have found just how difficult my old one was. I just did not know how bad it really was until I experienced the bliss associated with that which works correctly.
utenzi said…
As Bill Clinton is wont to say: I feel your pain. I'm pretty happy with my current computer even though it's 5 years old but it definitely has some rough edges these days. Congrats on your new computer, Dancer and rest assured, eventually I'll follow your example and get a new one also.

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