Field of Dreams

The movie Field of Dreams (FoD) was playing tonight on ESPN. I enjoy baseball despite the slow play and a lot of the reason is the history and mythology of the game. FoD works both those angles yet I don't like the film. Part of the reason is that the writing is often of sit-com level like in an early scene when Costner hears whispers in his corn field but nobody is there. He calls out to his wife 100 yards away to see if she'd heard it. She's so far away he has to shout loudly and he asks her several times if she's heard a slight whisper that he barely can hear? It's silly things like that which help pull down the mythic qualities of the film but it's the illogical parts that hurt the most. For example the 1 acre of corn that he plows under on a farm that must have multiple 100s of acres is going to bankrupt him? And all in a few months? And at the end of the movie when apparently thousands of people are coerced by some supernatural agency to attend the ghostly baseball game so that the farm can be saved... I'm a fan of baseball but not this movie. Costner's other baseball movie, For Love of the Game, was much better to me. The critics don't see things my way though. LOL And there are a lot of good moments in FoD.


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