It's drizzling rain today and the temperature is topping out around 60f. This is nasty for this time of year here. Sunny and in the high 70s is more the rule. What a lousy Spring so far! And all this rain has my lawn growing way too fast. I have an acre lot and it takes me forever to mow it with my push mower--I have a riding mower but usually don't use it since mowing my lawn is my main form of exercize and I'd best keep at it. I'm sure glad I'm not a farmer! This stuff is way too much work.

I spent the past week in South Carolina at my parent's house. I did some hauling of large items in my truck: plywood; landscape timbers; mulching material; etc. I also spent some time on the water kayaking but not as much as usual. Same story there--lousy rainy weather. It's kinda silly to avoid kayaking in the rain since you're getting wet anyway--but silly or not I don't like to paddle if it's raining harder than a sprinkle.


GPV said…
Glad to hear you're back,sun will be back with you perhaps,and will boost your spirits. Cheers.
utenzi said…
You were so right, GPV. This past weekend was lovely. The sun was out and temperatures were very warm but not hot. And all I did outside was paint my porch with my girlfriend and bbq some hamburgers on the grill.
NecroDancer said…
We didn't get our April showers this year. In fact, we're 6 inches behind in our annual rain fall and we would be even further behind had we not had so much in January and February. I'd be happy - my new lawn would be happy - if we would have a few weeks of rain.

Of course, rain tends to interfere with other activities.

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