To do list

This weekend I have a number of chores I hope to get out of the way. I'm hoping that by actually putting them in print --so to speak-- there's a stronger chance that I'll actually do them. LOL

Here goes:

1. Paint my exterior storage building and clear the vines off of it (it'll need to be sunny enough first to dry up the rain tho)

2. Mow my front yard. Also requires some clear weather to allow grass to dry.

3. Build a storage "thingy" for my bedroom. I've got a bunch of pine boards and a 4x8 sheet of MDF as well as some trim to make it pretty. But since I don't have any place to do it inside--I need good weather for this too. I see a theme developing here!

4. Go to nearby business to pick up a cubic yard of decorative stone for one of my shrubbery areas on my side lawn. It'll weigh about 2,000 pounds! I might wimp out and only get a half cu. yard. 2,000 pounds sounds like a lot of work!

5. Get gasoline for the lawn mowers.

6. Bag up garbage and yard debris and bring it to the county landfill.

7. Pick up some computer parts so I can get a network up and running. Right now I've just got one computer directly hooked into a cable modem. Tsk-tsk-tsk.

That's about it, I think. Personally I think I'll be fortunate to even get 3 of these done but you never know!


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