Progress of a sort

I've finally joined the 20th century and gotten myself a cellular phone. It's my new toy and a lot of fun. I'd oddly enough never used one before my purchase 2 weeks ago. I didn't even know how to answer the damn thing at first. I finally set up my voicemail box just this past Friday.

Of course, looking at the calendar, I notice that it's now the 21st century so I'm running 100 years behind. Story of my life! But at least I'm starting to catch up. The next thing is likely to be creating a wireless home network. In a way it's kinda silly to have a network since just I live there and I'm not likely to be on more than one computer at a time but the real reason is so I can run my ReplayTV units off of the Internet (for autodownloading of television schedules). Right now they use phone lines but I'm going to kill my landline based phone since the cell phone is all I need. But is the wireless network 20th century or 21st? Damn. How will I know when I catch up?

By the way, ReplayTV is much better than Tivo!


GPV said…
Cellular phones are real useful.
But with skype freeware you can speak free with another skype owner
and you can make phone calls to anywhere in the world at local fees
and for computer you have msn mess.
7.0 to have vid. conferences.

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