I recently received light criticism due to my mentioning liking pina coladas. Apparently that's a "girls drink". Okay, okay. There's no "apparently" about it. It is a girl's drink. But why is that? I love the taste of coconut and sweet things in general--and these are often characteristics of so-called girl's drinks. I guess my ego can handle the occasional scathing remark about the mixed drinks I inbibe but I wonder why there's assigned gender preferences in alcohol drinking?

It doesn't matter much to me as long as I don't have to drink beer (nasty taste!), bourbon (even worse!) or rye. And don't get me started on Scotch! That stuff makes castor oil taste good by comparison. Oddly enough all those nasty tasting things are considered manly drinks. That makes me wonder if men in general have poorly integrated taste buds. LOL Or maybe we're not too bright as a gender. There's certainly a lot of evidence that we don't learn from our mistakes very well--but women aren't innocent of that charge either. Just a thought....

...of course some of those malt based beverages like Smirnoff Ice aren't bad. They're kinda like beer---without that nasty after taste like you've been munching on grass. Maybe that's the hops. :-(


GPV said…
All you have to do is to change the name of the drink and nobody minds anymore, look at the scots they wear skirts, they call them kilts and it makes it alright.
Carmi said…
In the end, labels are meaningless.

Case in point: so-called chick cars. Who decides that a certain consumerist Anything is male- or female-oriented.

Hey, if a Volks Cabrio came on the market and it was in decent shape and reasonably priced, I'd pick one up. Chick car label be damned.

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