Da Vinci

I admit it. I've read "The Da Vinci Code." I read it 2 years ago not long after it came out. It reminded me of "The Celestine Prophesy" in that they're both very poorly written and preachy with long drawn out and silly "plots". Yet at the same time they're fairly easy to read. Here's a dissenting opinion on that.

While I'm not quite that critical I did notice most of the objections mentioned in that article. And that's just the first few pages they're commenting on. LOL It's not very well written. Of course it's interesting that millions of dollars can be made by writing poorly. Inspiring, almost. Hell, I can write quite poorly.

I'm currently reading a book titled "Salt: A World History". I was hoping for something along the lines of Diamond's "Guns, Germs and Steel" but it's not nearly as interesting. It's also very disjointed so far but I'm only half way through it. Maybe it'll improve. LOL But how often does that actually happen?

Any suggestions for a good book that examines developing threads in human history?


GPV said…
I've read many good books but the best prospective books about cybernetics came from Isaac Asimov.
It's only a matter of taste,you might not agree.History books are sometimes better than fiction.I like to read about the origins of civilization.The books about human behavior from Renée Girard 's
"Things hidden from the foundation of civilization".not sure of the English title. I got real pleasure on every update article on ethnology.
GPV said…
As for the World history and the article on the basques people, I have, as an art student had time to study the numerous cave paintings in the Pyrenean moutains and many drawings that had nothing to do with animals and hunting,but were about clothes and furniture,on one drawing a man wearing a checker SHIRT, seating on a CHAIR, in front of a TABLE waits for his wife to serve a meal
he has a CAP on his head Prehistoric drawing !Basques.
I noticed an error in the article
about euskadian language, it is very close to some peruvian indian
dialects.The catholic Missionnaries
new about this and sent several basques missionaries to Peruvian mountains.I believe Basques were the very first inhabitants of Europa which they called Euskady.Many other things to be said about euskadi spirit,genetics, character and their hatred of the spanish government,due to centuries of endless fighting.Well, it's a broad subject.
Nukapai said…
Well, I'm currently reading "Watching the English" by Kate Fox. It's a cultural anthropological study of the English. It's incredibly witty, easy to read and informative. I originally bought it so that I could point and laugh at the silly English people. Unfortunately, it appears I've been here for far too long. I kept recognising my behaviours in there... oh dear!

I don't know whether anthropology is of any interest to you, but it might be an entertaining read in any case!

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