Wind power

My house is located in what used to be a cow pasture, 12 miles from the nearest town. There's no trees and a good wind blows much of the time. In these politically correct energy saving times ones mind immediately goes toward renewable energy sources. In my location both solar and wind are emminently doable.

I've been reading about renewable energy for about 30 years and while the technology has improved quite a bit it's still not very cost effective. It's rare for me to have a power bill over $80 and I've never had one over $100 even in the hottest summer months or coldest winter ones. Of course I'm cheap and tend to keep the HVAC system at low settings. But for me the time to recoup the cost of even a very small wind turbine would be 8 years, and that's without factoring in oppurtunity costs on the used capital. Solar panels are even worse. And if you factor in an energy invertor for pushing the excess off onto the grid you're adding another 3 grand (3 more years of energy cost equivalent). Being energy conscious isn't inexpensive!

I'd like to do this but it's hard to justify the cost. Anyone else out there doing this?


GPV said…
What about bacterias?
OK,renewable energies,polar bears have a nice layer of fat that protect them from heat deperdition and on top of their skin they have a very thick fur coat.That's ideal for cold.Elephants wiggle their ears to evacuate exceedent heat and cool off some.We produce electricity to achieve both abilities but we can do that in many ways.We ought to have allies
producing energy for us,what do you think ;Bacterias hey?

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