Evolution in the classrooms

I currently live in North Carolina not very far from the Research Triangle. While still in the southern US, it's a pretty progressive area in terms of religious control of the political process. On the other hand, I used to live in Marietta, GA which is in Cobb County where recently the school board has tried to limit the teaching of evolution in classrooms.

Personally I don't have any problem with stickers being placed in textbooks stating that evolution is just a theory. By the time a kid is taking high school biology he or she should be able to see through silly attempts like that by the religious right to limit what they perceive as secular preemption of religious territory. Christianity is based on faith not logic and attempts like Creationism to appeal to logic are odd. They're not going to convince anyone that's relying on logic and scientific methodology and people of faith don't need peculiar 'proofs' of religious tenets. Faith should be enough.

Anyway, I feel the Kierkegaard had it right when he wrote that a true Christian needs to make a leap of faith that transcends logic. It's that leap into the unknown that defines faith. Trying to base religious faith on logical proofs is not only beside the point, it's also undermining the need for true faith.


GPV said…
Hi, Faith should be enough,I mean you don't have to add "true" in front.Some people might not need it
Ex: One fish believes in water because he's been learned in the water religion,that's faith.Then that other fish feels the water around him and to see if it's true makes a jump above the water,after that he knows he is in the water,
that fish doesn't need faith,he knows.
utenzi said…
You're correct on both levels, GPV. Semantically and practically. However your example while correct can't be applied to the Christian faith in the afterlife. Merely because unlike the fish that returns to the water, people don't seem to return to our plane of existance after death.

I'll leave the word 'true' in my blog so anyone wandering through will understand your comment, GPV but it doesn't belong there. Thanks.
GPV said…
Thanks for answering,true that after life.....we mean our span of time...after.......all we can do is blog about it.But that gives me something to work upon.I'll be back,if i'm still alive.
Nattie said…
People in this modern world do tend to rationalize and explain away everything with reason, Science and logic. They are just addicted to it. Love and faith just can't be explained by mere words, or even calculated by formulas. It's when you can't explain how, when, or why....then you have love, for example. If you can explain it, it's not LOVE...
Nattie said…
Wow, evolution in the classroom, nice work! I was half expecting the humans to take a step back and showing primate features like those chimpanzee teeth and tails and all those screeching and screaming in class. NO monkey business!! The human brain and mind is too complex for analysis and much better than monkeys.Definitely a heavenly product of higher design, rather than random
mutations....Show me an ape becoming human right away, and I will give those evolutionists benefit of the doubt....but not the other way round, man to monkey LOL!

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