Early mornings on the water

I'm going to go to South Carolina for a few days next week and do some kayaking there. Mostly on Lake Hartwell near the Georgia border but possibly a day or so on rivers up in the mountains near the North Carolina border. I try to do most of my paddling near dawn. Leaving before 6am so that I can take pictures well out on the water when the false dawn appears. This seems to be the best light to take pictures in. A wonderful side benefit is that the water is so quiet. A few powerboats with fishermen in them but that's about it. The jet-skis are the worst water vehicles since so often they're being ridden by kids with no idea about how to approach other craft out on the water. I've been flipped over more often by kids on Jet-skis than for all other reasons combined.

The weather is supposed to be beautiful but you never know. Storms can come up quickly and unexpected. I'll take pictures if anything interesting happens. Storms over water can be very photogenic.


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