There's something very refreshing about baking bread. No doubt the smells contribute to this but even punching down the dough to redistribute the CO2 is relaxing. It's like connecting back to the very foundation of civilization. Bread isn't called the staff of life for nothing. It's what allowed us to leave our hunter/gatherer lifestyle behind and change into a settled agrarian existance. While I used to follow a recipe to make bread, now I just start off with the desired amout of water for the size loaf I'm making--typically 20 ounces. I put a pound or so of bread flour into my mixer, a teaspoon or two of yeast, some honey and then add water and flour until the water is gone. Since I like things sweet, I often eat the bread with honey butter on it. I make my own with a very simple recipe: equal parts honey, butter, and powdered sugar beaten together. Sometimes a little cinnamon also. It's very good albeit too sweet for some. Here's a picture:


GPV said…
Hey! You make your own bread, that's something I never thought of
There's about 8 or 9 different kinds of bread down the bakery near my place,in the morning loafs are hot and smelly,we dip it in the coffee(messy job),I put a layer of natural butter on it-thick-(even messier),by the time I finish breakfast it looks as if I took a coffee bath.
utenzi said…
That sounds wonderful, GPV. If I lived in a place like that I'd certainly never bother to bake my own bread. While my bread tastes very good, it's a far cry from what you can get at a good bakery.
Nukapai said…
Wow, you bake too! What a guy! ;)

I am an average cook (although I have a smattering of "specialities" that always come out well and get eaten in minutes!), but baking flans, cakes and buns is my strong point. I've not bothered with bread for a while for various reasons, but one of these days I might make some again. I like using some less usual things like cumin seeds, soy bran, cream cheese or oats in the dough (not all in the same dough, I hasten to add!).

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