Here's a picture I took over the weekend of my girlfriend while we were at a local Garden

It was quite lovely there and I took a bunch of pictures--until my batteries died on me. The only problem was all the damn pollen but that wasn't just in the garden. All of Raleigh was awash in pollen on Saturday. Some lucky parts got some rain to wash it down but not where we were. *ahhh-cho* Well, it's supposed to rain again on Tuesday so maybe that'll help.


GPV said…
On spring we are too attchooo !
NecroDancer said…
The beauty of the flora offsets any discomfort the pollen might bring - usually anyway; to have a loved one with whom to share it, makes it all the better.

Yes, attchooo or no, spring is a wonderful time.
utenzi said…
I agree, Necro. Spring should be wonderful. So far this year is substandard but no doubt that will change. At least the flora seems to be happy with all the rain--and it does reduce the pollen count.
Nukapai said…
Your girlfriend looks happy and warm - and that garden looks absolutely stunning! I have a great love of gardens (I try to grow mine into some kind of a mini secret garden; it's working okay-ish so far. Just wish I had more time).

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