Last week I posted about my needing to get away from consuming so much high fructose containing treats. And I ordered exceedingly "natural" lollipops from YummyEarth as a first step.

The lollipops arrived on Tuesday, that's them over on the left.

If you click on the picture it'll get big enough that you can read the ingredient label. Interesting stuff goes in these things.

Below there's a closeup picture of one of the lollipops. They taste... okay. I like them but I'm not thrilled by their taste. I think part of the problem is that I really like HFCS. I've tried sodas made with real cane sugar and I didn't like the change in taste. Hmmmph. Healthy eating isn't my bag, I guess.

I guess it's worth it to keep my liver happy but I would like to be able to drink as much "bad" soda as I want. But those days are over. :-(

In other noteworthy news, I wasn't happy with the way they gave a free pass to the winner of the quickfire challenge in Top Chef Masters. I guess my real complaint is that I wanted Debbie Gold to remain in the competition but since she ended up in last place there wasn't much chance of that happening regardless. :-(


kenju said…
Normally, I don't like suckers, but mango tango I could go for!!
colleen said…
You might have to retrain your taste buds but I think it will be worth it. I like butterscotch lifesavers and I probably wouldn't like natural ones as well but I'd give it a try! Now I'm hungry for breakfast. Netchick might be too.
Teresa said…
I dislike most tropical fruits... I would not buy something with WEIRD flavors. I shudder to imagine it...

I have no idea what you are talking about in this post... so, but I guess the response is, "Good for you!"

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