Chip that wood!

This post is about me playing with my new toy. It's a lot of fun.

This is the back of my house. Last weekend Julie and I trimmed those shrubs back a bit. Okay, more than a bit. I'd not trimmed them in 3 years and they were very overgrown. We trimmed off around 60% of the trees. Don't worry about those trees though. The last time I trimmed them, I pretty much cut them right down to the ground. You can't kill those trees. I sure did try---but they bounced right back so I gave up and left them there.

So now I have two piles of limbs from the trees, which explains the timing of my chipper / shredder purchase. The goal is to grind down all that nasty shrubbery rubbish. In the picture below you can see me with my new toy, clearing a clog, in the midst of grinding down the first pile of limbs. You can see the other pile in the background.

Below you can see what the limbs look like after being ground up. The chipper is supposed to be able to take limbs up to 1.5" in diameter but I don't think I'd ever try something that big in it. The biggest branch I've ground up so far was around an inch across and the machine took care of it easily--but still, it's a small machine and I don't want it to explode or anything.

For the money ($207), I'm very impressed with the McCulloch. For routine processing of small tree limbs and leafy debris it's a fantastic device. Lots of fun too!

A few more pictures of me playing with my new toy. Wheee!


kenju said…
Men and their toys.....LOL
Teresa said…
I'm just glad to see evidence that the chipper was actually for branches....
tiff said…
You're wearing flip-flips whie using a shredder.

Somehow that seems wrong.
utenzi said…
Good eyes, Tiff. You're paying attention to details. Those sandals just show in one picture.

I was wearing them 'cause the blisters on my feet were bothering me and wearing footwear without a back felt much better.
Blonde Goddess said…
Can you use your chippin's for mulch?
srp said…
It's a mulch making machine!!!! Do you want to bring it up here and mulch some of the limbs that broke off at our house Friday night? I dread doing that.... cleaning them up.

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