April Fools

Christina over at it's all about the music has a good April Fools Day post so I thought I'd share it with y'all. Here 'tis:

We have just had one of the new style speed cameras installed at the end of the road. It has the normal facility but also the new slow driving detection. Apparently, police chiefs have warned that slow driving has become almost as big a hazard as speeding on Britain's roads today. The Government is set to announce that by next Spring the current cameras will have been modified to support traffic invigorating measures.

I see the car manufacturers are already on to this and BMW has announced the new paint coating devised to avoid detection – ZIP (Zoom Impression Pixels). This is a pixel-based coating that covers the entire exterior of the car. If you are travelling below the speed limit in range of a Slow Camera, sensors around the car detect the camera and the pixels immediately become blurred. This gives the impression of higher velocity and the Slow Camera is fooled into thinking the car is travelling at the correct speed. The BMW web site gives more information.


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